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100 Year Starship 2015 Public Symposium
October 29 - November 1, 2015
Silicon Valley, CA
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Finding Earth 2.0

  • More than 1,800 planets outside of our solar system—exoplanets—have been confirmed by Kepler Telescope and other astronomical data.
  • Between 8.8 and 40 billion earth-sized planets are estimated to orbit stars within the so-called “habitable zone” in our galaxy, the Milky Way.
  • Estimates are that 132-160 habitable worlds are in our stellar neighborhood—within 10 parsecs (33.6 light years) of our sun.

Both the process of definitively finding and the actual indisputable discovery of an exoplanet capable of supporting Earth-evolved or terran life—an Earth analog or Earth 2.0 so to speak—will be game changers.  100 Year Starship (100YSS) considers the process and the discovery itself integral parts of the phenomenon “Finding Earth 2.0.”

Finding Earth 2.0 has profound implications for technology, knowledge and systems across the spectrum of human skills and capacities as well as experiences and perspectives on the future.

 Atmosphere, geology and weather.  Design and propulsion of probes.  Definitions of life and intelligence.  Telescopes and remote sensing.  Data storage, compression, transmission and communication.   Economics and investment.  Education.  Individual, national and global ambition.  Ethics.  Materials.  Law.  Politics.  Religion.  Resources.

 The 100 Year Starship 2015 Public Symposium challenges participants to consider what specific capabilities and systems—scientific, technical and societal—will be needed over the next 5-25 years; not to merely suggest or catalog earth analogue candidate exoplanets, but to identify at least one definitive Earth 2.0—and to consider how such a discovery itself will impact our world and space exploration.

Overview2015 Tech Track TopicsAbstract Submission InfoContact 100YSS Tech Tracks