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NASA announced the discovery of Kepler-452b, an exoplanet with a diameter 160% that of Earth, over 1,400 light years away orbiting within the "habitable zone" around a star similar to our Sun. 

While not Earth 2.0, it is the closest thing discovered to date. A lot of work  remains to determine the exact characteristics of Kepler-452b: is it rocky, what type of atmosphere, geography, minerals, weather?  But the excitement and advancement is real.  What technologies and resources will it take to truly learn enough detail about this or other exoplanets to designate an Earth 2.0?

In light of the  discovery of Kepler-452b and for consideration of its impact, 100YSS is  extending  the window for submission of abstracts for the 2015 Public Symposium.

Abstracts, papers and posters may, for example, focus upon  this timely discovery. Given what we know about the evolution of life on Earth, c
ould terran-like life forms evolve on that planet.  How might humans and other existing Earth evolved life adapt to the conditions that might be found on a planet such as Kepler 452b?  What would be design requirements for equipment, housing, agriculture under such conditions?  In what ways could the environment facilitate manufacturing? 

100YSS 2015 Public Symposium
Guidelines for Abstract Submissions

Thank you for your interest in submitting a paper or a poster for presentation at the 100YSS 2015 Public Symposium. 

Consideration and selection for presentation at the Symposium is made through submission of an abstract or specific summary of the subject, background, analysis and conclusion of the paper or poster.

  • Abstracts must be submitted on-line via the abstract management tool, Conftool, which you may access below and on  the 100YSS 2015 Public Symposium Website. Complete instructions for uploading through Conftool are available when you open the “Submit Abstract” section once clicking on the link.
  •  Abstracts may be submitted until August 15, 2015 at 24:00. 
  •  Abstracts may be no longer than 300 words.
  •  An individual abstract may only be submitted to one technical track.  Please note that the Chair of the session may consider that the subject matter of the abstract may be better suited for a different session and coordinate with transfer of the abstract with the new session Chair.
  • Submitters are free to submit more than one distinct different abstracts.

Click on link belowto submit an abstract:  

How to submit:

  1. Create a user account. 
  2. Click "create new account and create a submission"
  3. Select one of the technical tracks to submit your abstract. Remember a single, unique abstract can only be submitted to one technical track.
  4. You may submit multiple different abstracts. You are not limited to a single technical track in which to submit abstracts.  However, again any given individual abstract may only be submitted to a one track.
  5. Click Save and exit. 


Notifications of paper or poster acceptance will be sent via email no later than August 29, 2015. (Selection notifications may be sent out earlier.)

Full papers and presentation materials are to be submitted by October 22, 2015, a week prior to the start of the Symposium to allow the Track Chairs and AV personnel to schedule the presentations, load them onto conference computers and assure compatibility.

 Posters must be brought to the Symposium and be hung by presenters on October 29, 2015.

Additional details will be posted.




Overview2015 Tech Track TopicsAbstract Submission InfoContact 100YSS Tech Tracks